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Chance Aluminum is just getting started on our 12-month plan to hire 100 local employees for our aluminum production and distribution facility in Williamsport, PA.

While we are writing our position-specific career listings, we invite interested job seekers to submit a general application. You will be notified by our recruiting team if there are any immediate next steps.

With your submission, please include your résumé or CV and indicate a role, department, or discipline that you may be interested in.

About Chance Aluminum

Chance Aluminum focuses on production as the domestic supplier for AA Metals, a Florida-based master distributor with global operations in the United States, Columbia, Turkey, and China. Based in Williamsport, PA, we will continually work to expand and upgrade our facility to maintain its state-of-the-art quality, efficiency, and capability. For potential partnerships and career opportunities, please contact us.

Safety in the workplace is our first priority. Teaching our associates how to work safely ensures a healthy, risk free environment. Protecting our associates ensures they can lead a happy, healthy life at work and outside with family and friends.

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